Which Are Best Condenser Microphones Under 200 Dollars – Guide & Reviews

While you are recording songs, doing voiceovers or reviewing games or movies, you need the right microphones by your side. Otherwise, recording quality will suck. Microphones come in various shapes, sizes and qualities.

Condenser microphones and the dynamic ones are two of the most used mics around the world. The elites vote for the dynamic ones. While this Condenser vs.

Dynamic debate is intriguing, going for condenser microphones is the best thing to do with a small budget. With that said, this piece will focus on Top 10 Best Condenser Microphones Under 200 Dollars.

This elaborate article will also tell you what you can expect from such mics and how you can improve on their performances. So let us dive deep into the guide and find out which are the top dogs in this category of price and what you can expect from them performance-wise.

What is a Condenser Microphone?

Condenser Microphones or Capacitor Microphones as the British call it, is nothing new. For those of you who are hearing this term for the first time, these are the devices that are used for digital recording. Condenser mics have diaphragms that vibrate when sound hits them. These convert sounds into electrical signals.

Condensers are capsules that help these microphones to distinguish the main recording sound from background recordings. These are very sensitive to sound waves and deliver greater sound output than normal.

What Can You Expect from A Condenser Microphone at a Moderate Budget?

One benefit of having a condenser mic is that you can record sound with variable frequencies. These can pick up low sound vibrations as well as high pitched sounds. These are ideal for recording videos, Vlogs, and commentaries.

You won’t have to spend heaps of money to achieve quality with these things. A moderate budget can bring you a handy tool that gets your job done and adds dimensions to your performance.

Condenser mics can mask background noises. With little to no editing, you can have pristine and clear audio from any source. That is why these are perfect tools to record songs, instrumental covers and YouTube videos in just under 200 dollars.

Condenser Mics can come in different sizes and shapes. Unlike the dynamic counterparts, you can take one of these with you for a ride. These are great machines for travelers and those who require a portable device to record videos whenever and wherever necessary.

These require little to no software backup or setup hassle. So, you can expect the majority of condenser microphones to be “Plug and Play” devices. Just plug them into your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or even smartphones and start recording.

Although high performance and sensitivity can cause you to pick up background noises, the studio quality POP filter and high-pass filters in these things allow you to capture audio without distortions.

Which are the Best Condenser Microphones Under 200 Dollars?

Before I go into the next section, I want to clear the air by saying many of the recommendations below won’t give you “High-Class Flawless Performance.”

But the following accessories WILL GET THE JOB DONE. These are some top notch products which balance the price and performance ratio quite nicely. Let us look at the Top 10 Condenser Microphones Within 200 Dollars bellow.

Recommended Best Condenser Microphones Under 200 Dollars

Blue Yeti Microphone

Editor Rating:

While we are discussing condenser mics, Blue Yeti microphone deserves mention. It comes with “Try Capsule Array” or three condensers for people to use.

These capsules allow you to record audios with different environments of cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo.

You’ll be able to record audio as voiceovers, reviews, instrumental covers, commentary, etc. The design is a huge plus when it comes to Blue Yeti. It is a blend of the classic microphones and the modern functionalities.

The shiny grill and the frame combine with a hinge that can be set in any direction. You can even bend the microphone and place screws in different places. You can do your experiments with this condenser mic.

Thanks to the gain controls, the mute system, volume controlling mechanisms provide excellent options to customize your voice and pitch. Blue Yeti is the USB microphone. Meaning, you can plug it in your PC anytime and just proceed with the recording.


  • Comes with a fantastic design.
  • Delivers top-notch audio.
  • One can test audio quality when he/she is recording.


  • No built-in noise controls.
  • USB cable can pose challenges.
  • Customer care can be an issue sometimes.
AKG P420 High-Performance Dual-Capsule

Editor Rating:

When the budget is your first bind, you can always look to AKG P420 High-Performance Dual-Capsule Condenser Microphone that is just under 200 dollars but still provides top-notch features that anyone will enjoy. 

The design is very sturdy considering this microphone is under 200 dollars.

It comes with a shock absorber that is strong as well. The microphone can withstand shocks and sudden falls without any problems. The grabbing point for this microphone is that it has “Twin Diaphragms of 1-inch each”. 

Because, you have three different polar patterns of Cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-8. So, you can very well record your reviews, commentaries, interviews as well as instruments and musical sessions.

If people are working crowded places or places with distracting sound patterns, the “Switch Pad” of AKG Perception 420 discards low-frequency unwanted sounds to provide a clean audio.

The -20dB bass cut filter allows you to leave out wind noises when you are anxiously speaking in front of the mic. As far as the loud noises are concerned, the condenser microphone picks up sounds at the level of up to 155 dB clearly.


  • Specially good if you are recording instruments or vocal performances.
  • A mic with multiple functions.
  • Great microphone as far as the Price vs.
  • Performance ratings go.
  • One of the finest XLR mics under $200.


  • The manual with this microphone isn’t as detailed as one would like.

Audio Technica AT2035 XLR Condenser

Editor Rating:

This condenser microphone in my list is exceptionally great when recording YouTube videos. You can do your professional, studio recordings and home projects as well.

The thing that interested me is the fact that Audio Technica AT2035 has a side address pattern.

This pattern enables us to speak from the side of the microphone. You won’t have to hover over the microphone to deliver your message. The unique thing about the AT2035 model is that it features 10dB pad switch and 80 Hz high-pass filter.

So, it can catch sounds from a distance. Also, it can eliminate annoying sounds from your recording. The condenser mic comes as a bundle with a shock mount. This allows AT2035 to be steady. The POP filter also tags along.

The POP filter prevents heavy breathing, awkward noises and disrupting sounds amidst the video.One can also use the mic with an XLR mixer. You have the 10ft. XLR cable to connect to the mixer. So, you can sync up with other microphones or create interesting sound effects. 


  • Audio quality is bright and smooth with this.
  • Shock mount does its job well.
  • Once combined with XLR mixer, the performance of this product is better than normal.


  • I expected this to be a bit better considering the price.
MXL 990 Condenser Microphone

Editor Rating:

If you want a professional quality recording at a budget-friendly way, MXL 990 Mic is your way in. In my experience with this mic, I found it way better than my Smartphone’s microphone as well.

At such a low price, the makers provide you with a shock mount.

The gold suited ¾” diaphragm helps people get professional quality sound whenever they need. You can record voiceovers, reviews, and commentaries in digital or plain old analog-style recording.

This mic can identify the noises clearly even when the sound levels are as high as 130dB. MXL 990 Condenser Microphone features noise cancellation.

This allows you to record without any interruptions or annoying sounds in between. This microphone works well with a mixer and gives off amazing results when you collaborate this with other microphones or instruments to create a better effect.


  • The shock mount is professional-grade.
  • Comes with a classy design.
  • Condenser works great.


  • Picks up background noises; audio will need editing.
  • Beginner level microphone.Has a lot of self-noise.
MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Editor Rating:

If the previous entry on my list got you excited, I’ve got another condenser mic under 200 dollars from the same manufacturer. 

TheMXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone features elegant design makes it a top choice.

The small 6-micron diaphragm doesn’t hamper performance as you can do a lot of things to recording music, instrumental covers to YouTube videos.

The shock mount works well and keeps the mic steady. Also, you have a sturdy case that can protect the microphone. That case makes MXL 770 portable, and you can set it up anywhere to start recording. This is a cardioid mic.

So, you will be able to record in just one pattern. Some might view this as a limitation.Cheap mics often don’t deliver when it comes to preamps. But MXL 770 comes with a great FET preamp that elevates the sound quality to professional grade. 

The sound output is very much top class and balanced. MXL 770 relies on 48 volts’ phantom power. You can buy Xenyx 302 or 502 to run this condenser mic.


  • Great microphone for the price.
  • Efficient with bass controls.
  • Great for musicians, instrumental covers and rappers.


  • Relies on phantom power.

CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording

Editor Rating:

CAD U37 USB Microphone has a large condenser. This product features cardioid pattern of sound.

It allows you to record without worrying about background noises. It captures the main sound source.

Connecting and operating it is easy. Just plug the USB into your PC or Mac and you are done. After a little calibration, you can use this microphone to great effect. Also, you have a 10-feet leash on the cable.

Place the microphone anywhere and in any way you like. Want to record from your room? You can. The bass reduction reduces the background noises of your TV, music player and others. The CAD U37 has a 10dB switch pad.

This plays a key role in eliminating distracting noises when you are recording in a crowded place. This condenser microphone is great for speech recording, voiceovers, game reviews and even musical concerts or instrumental covers.

The Cheap Condenser Mic has an extended frequency that allows it to record in such a manner. This product features a “Side Design.” The design allows you to comfortably speak from the side instead of hovering over the top.


  • You don’t need audio interface or even a power supply to run this thing.
  • The 10dB switch pad eliminates noises to provide clean audio.
  • Affordable microphone.


  • Only comes with the cardioid mode.
Blue Microphones Spark Condenser

Editor Rating:

Blue Microphone is one of the best manufacturing brands of quality microphones for YouTube Videos and others.

The Spark Condenser Microphone is conveniently priced as well as rich in benefits.

This receiver features a premium condenser capsule that gives you high-efficiency performance with little to no background noise.  It is great for interviews, multiple voice commentaries and so on.

Then you have the “Focus Control” that focuses on specific sounds if you select so. This mode is ideal for traditional videos. The package of this microphone includes a “Custom Designed” shock mount. This protects your mic from vibrations and shocks.

Also, people can purchase a POP filter to prevent hissing noise from disturbing overall audio recording. If you are new to using condenser microphones for YouTube or any other means, Blue Spark comes with a detailed manual on how to use this mic. The entire package arrives in a wooden box.


  • Simple interface.
  • Minimalistic design.
  • Signature audio quality from Blue Microphones.


  • Not a lot of controls to work with.

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

Editor Rating:

Operating Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone is a “Plug and Play” mic that works well with all types of commentary and review video recording.

One can do VOIP voice calls over Skype, Twitch, and FaceTime too. The cardioid capsule captures the sound perfectly as you speak.

Also, thanks to the condenser capsule, low-frequency sounds won’t make it into your video. You can speak from side to side with this little microphone of yours. It comes with a desktop stand.

This stand allows you to position your phone conveniently when recording videos. Also, you have the 6-foot cable with the package if you want to extend your reach and shoot from a different position within the room.

If you want, buying it with a POP filter is also an option. This POP filter comes with a windscreen. It prevents noises from heavy breathing. Awkward noises while you record your videos won’t make their ways into the video.


  • Audio quality will satisfy hardest of critics.
  • Great tool to have for audio commentary on YouTube videos.
  • Design makes it a great desktop device.
  • Windscreen and the microphone make a great combo.
  • Great price for such a capable device.


  • You need to speak from on top of the device to record efficiently.
Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

Editor Rating:

Samsung Meteor establishes itself firmly when it comes to best audio recording microphones under 200.

This one features an innovative design and a lot of features that people will find handy while recording various audio narratives and commentaries.

At a price less than $200 you’ll have a cardioid mic that allows you to have a complete control panel as a “Mute” button and gain control. The Meteor comes with a 1/8-inch headphone jack. With the headphone, you can monitor the latency of the audio you record.

Samson Meteor is a mic with 25mm diaphragm condenser and smooth frequency response. Video bloggers, YouTubers will enjoy recording with 44.1/48kHz resolution. The clarity of your recordings will be emphatic.

Much of the recording quality of this mic can be attributed to the position of it. It has a “Folded Leg” style design. You can fold the back leg of this microphone when not in use. Also, you can position the legs in unique position to help you speak in an efficient manner.

Users can pair this mic up with any type of devices like PC, iPhone, iPad or even your everyday smartphones for that matter. You won’t need a software to make this receiver work its magic. Just plug this into a USB port, and you are ready to record.


  • Sleek design makes it a classy device.
  • Great all-rounder device; suitable for all types of video commentary.
  • Detailed controls for audio recording and quality checking.
  • You can even connect it with Mac, PC, Apple Devices and your smartphones.


  • Super sensitive microphone picks up everything.
Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun

Editor Rating:

At the very last, a shotgun mic makes its way onto my list. Rode VideoMic Pro is a compact solution if you need a condenser mic under 200 dollars for your recordings.

People can take it to outdoors pairing it with a DSLR to shoot videos and do a commentary on them.

The microphone is pretty small at only 6-inch length. But to the amazement of many, it delivers “Broadcast Quality” sound. While carrying it, you won’t feel a thing. It is only 85grams in weight. You can virtually carry it in your pockets.

Even so, it comes with an integrated shock mount. It prevents the sound receiver from jerking and spoiling the quality of your commentary. The product picks up sounds from up front. You have a "Flat" high-pass filter and one at 80Hz as well. These minimize the background sounds and focus on the sound that’s coming from the front.

You can control the audio output and provide it a “Three-level Boost.” This one wins me over with the battery life. I could operate outdoors for almost 3 days without feeding electric charge to a 9V battery. Impressive!


  • Ultra lightweight microphone.
  • Handy for long outdoor videos.
  • 9V battery charges up quickly.
  • Super-efficient when it comes to recording voices.


  • Rode is very sensitive towards camera knockings.

Final Verdict

The products above do a pretty good job when used with the right settings. Some of these things are good for closed quarters, and others are useful for outdoor recordings. Any kind of condenser mic can be ideal for you depending on your scenario and the things you use it for.

Another thing to denote here is that these Budget-friendly models provide you great opportunity to kick things off. Some of these mid-range microphones depend on a Single pattern. If you want something better, you’ll have to put some bucks into it.

Another way of getting around the problem of spending 500 – 700 dollars on a single sound receiver is to buy additional equipment like an XLR mixer and studio devices. When combined with some of the devices above, you’ll be amazed by the type of recording you can produce with minimum accessories at your disposal.

However, while buying best Condenser Microphones Under 200, I’ll advise you to go through multiple user reviews that are out there on the internet. This way, you can be extra sure about the thing you are purchasing online. Nothing tells you better about a machine’s quality than accounts of people that have used it.

Best Soundbar Under 200 Dollars – Guide & Reviews

If you guys don’t know what a soundbar is, it is an add-on to your PC, TV, Smartphone or home theater that amplifies the default sound and makes it better.

With the constant shrinking of TVs, PCs, and Laptops, manufacturers are leaving bits and pieces of them behind. Sound quality takes the brunt of the loss.

Thankfully, a quality soundbar that can control sound and enhance it comes at a relatively low price. We don’t have to break a bank. Rather we can find the best soundbar Under 200 dollars.

This concise guide will help you find the ideal one for you and will also tell you what to expect and what not to count on when purchasing such a device.

What to Expect with a Best Soundbar Under 200 Dollars in Price?

Sound bars sit higher on the quality spectrum than traditional speakers. These things often come with various modification settings, equalizer presets and multilayer volume and bass controls.

Plus, you have the HDMI, Bluetooth, Coaxial, Analog and optical connectivity options. These are the things that differentiate a Sound Bar from a speaker. When we are limited by our budget, we tend to categorize these products into small price-slabs.

These slabs help us to identify few common traits of sound bars of a certain price range. So, there are some certain differences between a Soundbar of $300 and those of $200 or below. Firstly, the sound quality will be better than your traditional speaker.

But not “Groundbreaking.” You need to realize that you’ll have Bluetooth connectivity but the range won’t be so great. Also, few sound bars will have dual sound woofers, but again, the bass output will suffer somewhat.

A $200 Sound Bar might not have multichannel sound mode as the high-end ones have. There is a risk of your unit performing mediocrely once it is two or three year’s old.

Please realize that you are paying a price that will get the job done. These might not be the best but these are more than capable of providing you a good enough service for a few years. But you’ll have to cut down on perks as you are not paying for additional benefits that may tag along.

What Are the Best Sound Bars Under $200?

With these points in mind, let us focus on the next segment. This will tell you which products will provide you a bang for your buck at $200 or less. Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel 120 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

Recommended Best Soundbar Under 200 Dollars​

Samsung HW-J355 connects seamlessly

Editor Rating:

You can also pair it with your PC, Smartphone or any other “Bluetooth Enabled” device.

Just connect the Audio system, and you can play movies, music and recorded videos that are stored on those devices.

Need better sound quality? Try the wired subwoofer that delivers top quality bass and enhances your music, movies or gaming experience. It is a 2.1 system.

So, the woofer and the sound from the soundbar allows you to have a “Home Theater” like feel through a balanced sound. The system will reduce the annoying noises by itself.

You can control the soundbar manually. Or, just use the Samsung Wireless Remote App to control the whole system. This app grants you full control of the equalizer, the volume of your device and other options.

One can even tamper with the playlist of his/her favorite songs with this. You can play AAC, WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG and other formats using this device. It is still one of the best Samsung Soundbars in 2017 in my experience.


  • Delivers quality performance for the price.
  • Setting this up is easy as pie.
  • The remote app is useful in many ways.
  • One can use this with a number of devices.
  • Comes with a lot of preset sound modes.


  • The subwoofer isn’t wireless.
  • Bass is low compared to its counterparts.
  • You’ll not be able to use the remote app on iOS.
VIZIO S3821w-C0C 38-Inch 2.1 Sound Bar

Editor Rating:

Don’t have any subwoofer built into your TV? No problem. Use this. VIZIO S3821w-COC integrates with your TV, PC, Home Theater System, and Smartphones with the help of Bluetooth.

The S3821w adds bass to your TV’s sound thanks to the subwoofer. 

All you need to do is to connect the subwoofer with any source of power. The device will then receive the signal from your TV or other devices wirelessly. The Vizio S3821w Soundbar runs on DTS technology and Surround Sound.

As a result, you will have an immersive experience while operating this device. The maximum noise level of this device is 100dB.

It fills up any standard or small-size room without any problems. And no, there won’t be any sound distortion whatsoever. This device comes with a remote control. I advise you to deactivate this remote if you want to use your TV’s remote instead.


  • The remote works well from any direction.
  • Control panel is easy to get around.
  • You can understand all the functions within minutes.
  • LED lights are informative and helpful in gauging the functions.


  • Fiber connector lacks proper locking system.
  • Reviewers reported issues with the remote.

Pyle WiFi Sound Bar Speakers

Editor Rating:

Want a high powered Sound Bar at a decent price? Pyle WiFi Sound Bar is your answer. It doesn’t only act the part; it looks the part as well.

Laced with Bluetooth connectivity, this one connects with almost any device that has Bluetooth enabled.

Besides Bluetooth, Pyle has ports for jacks that let it connect to “Non-Bluetooth” systems. It receives signals through WiFi too. Thus, it plays music, movies and game sounds from your PC, Laptop, TV and other devices.

It reproduces sound. Meaning, the whole system receives WiFI signal and recreates full stereo-based sound effect in your room. Compact unit with 5 different speakers 1-inch dual tweeters, and a 5.25” mid-woofer allows you to generate a home theater-like sound effect in a medium-sized room.

Pyle is your next generation sound system with “Surround Sound”. It plays all the known file extensions without fail and is compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad and HDTV as well.


  • Control panel is easy to master.
  • Sets up quickly for operation.
  • It charges up using the USB port.
  • People can use this Sound bar to listen to FM radio.


  • You cannot make out what’s on the display from a distance.
  • People can’t adjust the display lights.
  • You can control the volume using either remote or the onboard control panel.
Sony HTXT1 2.1-Channel TV Base Speaker

Editor Rating:

For passionate audiophiles seeking best soundbar under 200 dollars, Sony HTXT1 can be a good bargain.

It comes with as many as three HDMI ports that connect with different devices. Also, this device has Bluetooth connectivity.

People can play music, movies and games from other Bluetooth compatible devices and enjoy the sound. The “Metal Grill” design of Sony HTXT1 looks slim.

The soundbar can withstand upto 66 pounds of weight. With this, you can enjoy quality audio from 32” to 52” TV. The tempered glass surface of the device provides the perfect even surface for any TV that you may have.

The sound bar has a subwoofer built-in. It delivers immersive bass with intelligent sound distribution through independent bass, treble and subwoofer settings. Of course one can make adjustments through various platforms.

As many as seven preset settings allow you to enjoy music, movies, games, sports to fullest degree. The Sound Bar supports TrueHD, Dolby surround sound and DTS HD format. People can also choose to use the standard Stereo format. AAC and SBC codecs are supported too.

Sony provides the SongPal app that allows you to take control of the device from your Android phone, iPhone, iPad or any other Bluetooth enabled device. From there, you can play your favorite songs and movies as well.


  • Variety of power options to have.
  • The controls are elaborate and work great.
  • HD Audio provides wonderful surround sound.
  • The white display shows functions in detail.


  • Reviewers categorized sound boost as “Just High Enough” than TV.
  • The Sound Bar’s volume control doesn’t sync with that of the TV.
  • Few reviewers had problems connecting this with their TV.
Yamaha ATS-1050-R Factory Recertified

Editor Rating:

As the heading suggests, Yamaha ATS-1050-R features two built-in Subwoofers and Bluetooth connectivity.

The design is what we call “Ultra-Thin”. It is just over two inches. People will be able to watch television without much of a fuss thanks to this design.

 You can even mount this device on your walls. Connecting this to TV is a breeze. Just plug in the small cable into your TV and you are done. The cable comes along the package. That is all the setup you need for this handy machine.

Yamaha ATS-1050-R uses Yamaha’s own Bass Extension Processing to enhance the audio quality of your movies, songs, sports telecasts, games or TV shows. Dual subwoofers also play a big part in that scheme.

You’ll be amazed with the “Home Theater Controller App” that comes with ATS-1050-R. This allows you to take the helm of this device through any Smartphone, iPhone or iPad, etc. You’ll have full access to volume controls, the bass extension system, the “Clear Voice” system and so on.

This smart soundbar has distinct modes for Movies, Sports, TV Shows, Music, and Games as well. The best thing is, it learns your TV’s remote functions. That means you can control this device using your TV remote control as well.


  • Compact design makes it my favorite.
  • Wall mountable design.
  • You can use this as an independent sound system too.
  • “Clear Voice” mode focuses on the sound quality to deliver better output.
  • The sound syncs well with TV and all other devices to deliver an uniformed output.


  • A standard remote control doesn’t provide access to all the controls.
  • Delivers a limited bass output.

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

Editor Rating:

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II qualifies to be a Soundbar under $200 just by a whisker. The “Mini” speaker is so small that fits the palm of anyone’s hand.

Yet it delivers tremendous sound and intense amount of bass when they are needed.

Pair this with any device through Bluetooth. It provides voice prompts whenever you are trying to pair something with it. This small device remembers 8 devices at a time. So, pairing this with any device for the second time is as easy as turning it on.

The SoundLink II sits well with any type of interior. The small footprint allows it to be portable. You can put it in your handbag and take off to wherever you like. To be extra safe, use the cover that comes along with it to protect it from dust and water spills. The cover looks stylish as well.

It relies on battery charge to function. You can use the charging cable at home to recharge this thing. While on the road, any USB power source (even a cigarette lighter) will do. When fully charged, this soundbar gives you 10 hours of uninterrupted service.


  • The Bluetooth range for this speaker is wider than most.
  • The 10-hour battery life is something to boast about.
  • Easy to operate with designated buttons for each function.
  • Design is durable and robust.Charging this thing is easy.


  • Reconnection to a device takes time with the Bluetooth feature.
  • There is no option for pausing or stopping the playback.Midbass is not “That” great.
Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel 300W

Editor Rating:

Brace yourselves, here comes another product from Sony HT series on my list. The Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel 300W fits on a table top. Mount this device on your walls if you so choose.

The “Full Range” sound delivers impressive performance by enhancing the bass and the sound.

100W capacity of this bass machine develops low frequency bass that sounds great with movies, music and TV shows. At full power with reflex design and S-master amplifier, you’ll hear “Heart Pounding” bass that will surround your room with minimal effort.

This model features 4K pass-through system that allows you to listen to HD audio. Also, there are as many as three HDMI inputs for different devices. One particular TV HDMI input with ARC support ensures that you hear HD sound from your TV.

You can control this device from your smartphone, iPhone, iPad etc. using the SongPal app just like the previous model on my list. One catch is that there are numerous requirements for you to fulfill before you can use this device.


  • Installing this device is easy; takes a few minutes only.
  • It can switch through multiple devices if you plug more than one device into the “Input” jacks.
  • The optical or analog output can be used with any other device besides TV to connect with this soundbar.
  • The sound quality is better than you have with your TV speakers.


  • The TV sometimes forgets that you’ve plugged this device on when you pause it.
  • Sound quality is better but not “That” good.Sound woofer can fall short in terms of quality.

iLive Horizontal Bluetooth Sound Bar

Editor Rating:

One good thing about iLive Horizontal Bluetooth Sound Bar is that it delivers quality performance while being a cheap sound bar plus speaker combo.

The standard 2.0 channel audio system picks up audio from your TV and gives it a boost. Connecting with TV will require a traditional AUX cable.

You can control this device with your TV remote too. It comes with Optical digital audio input for good performance and a clear LED display. This little thing supports Bluetooth V3.0 and you can connect a number of devices with this little thing.

You can connect iLive with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, android phones or even with blackberry to get a taste of the music, sports, movies, games and shows. Mount the device on your walls with the supplied wall mounting kit.

Performance of Bass is good. The sound is good for the price. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to connect the device using Bluetooth. However, the range of Bluetooth is only 33 feet only. It is a letdown compared to other devices.


  • Good performance for the price.
  • Ideal for general movies, TV Shows, games and music.
  • Suitable for home viewing of parents and students.
  • System is easy to get around and operate.


  • Bluetooth range is limited compared to its counterparts.
  • The sound can be a bit better than what it is.
BÖHM B2 60-Watt 40-Inch Sound Bar

Editor Rating:

Looking for a soundbar specifically for your TV? Try BÖHM B2Soundbar. This turns your TV into a home theater. Works best with flat screen TVs. The design is sleek. It doesn’t obstruct your view.

Operating this little thing is as easy as you can think. Just plug your TV in its input jack and you are good to go.

Alternatively, you can use Bluetooth function to connect this to your TV. Even coaxial and auxiliary connection methods are included to ensure you can connect this with your TV, iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices in one way or the other.

When it comes to “Sound Modes”, this one supports only three. Namely, music, movie and TV Show mode. You can host a loud party, a thrilling movie night or even watch your favorite shows with your family without disruptions in sound quality.

BÖHM B2 provides 60 watts of sound at a response rate of 20Hz to 20kHz. The device provides 95dB of sound to be exact. You can control the machine with a remote that comes along. Also,BÖHM B2Soundbar does all these things while being a slim machine. That’s incredible!


  • Comes with a nice sleek design.
  • Easy to set up machine.
  • Controlling this is easy.
  • All the necessary things are included in the package.


  • If you mount it on a wall, there is no room for an optical cable connection.
  • Digital display doesn’t indicate volume levels.
  • Has a limited range in terms of Bluetooth connectivity.
Yamaha YAS-106 Sound Bar

Editor Rating:

Yamaha YAS-106 is the last one on my list of sound bars below the range of 200 dollars today. With dual subwoofers, it delivers clear and rich sound that any audiophile will cherish.

These subwoofers are built-in. Thus, the design remains sleek despite the additions.

In addition to these two in-built subwoofers, you can hook in another one if you choose via the subwoofer input. Along with the standard features that Yamaha is known for, it also comes with 4:2:0 support. So, it supports 4K standard sounds.

The machine features a HDMI input and an output of the same type of cable. You can connect it easily with ARC compatible TVs using the HDMI output it comes with. Yamaha YAS-106 brings along its own remote. You can use your TVs remote to control the volume levels if it supports HDMI CEC.

You can also stream various programs, movies, games and even songs from your iPhones, Smartphones and other mobile devices. Plus, you’ll be able to control this device with android phones and apple devices using the Home Theater Control App that tags along.


  • Good product when you consider the price.
  • “Clear Voice” button boosts up the sound.
  • Low profile design is attractive.
  • Bass quality is good enough.


  • Doesn’t indicate the volume level.
  • Only good for medium size rooms.

​Final verdict

As I conclude my guide, I must say plenty of these products have an amazing set of features even at a low price. You must remember, finding Best Soundbar Under 200 Dollars is possible given that so many companies are focusing on “Budget-Friendly” options nowadays.

These days, people want all the right things at a lesser price if possible. So, the manufacturers end up delivering quite a lot of features in “Trimmed” versions.

Meaning, you’ll find the features and the products you are looking for but in limitations. I’ll advise you to keep these limitations in mind and find the ideal product that suits your needs.

Best Microphone For YouTube – An Expert Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

When anyone asks me, “How to go about doing YouTube Videos?” I reply, “Do You have the Best Microphone for YouTube yet?” Don’t be surprised. 50% of your video's quality depends on how you do your audio part.

That is what most people ignore and go with inbuilt microphones in PCs or in Smartphones. They are left with so much of annoying sounds and so little of the interesting part of the video.

The Result?

Slow channel growth and you see your subscribers dropping like flies. One way to counter that is to choose a YouTube Mic that is best for you. But buying an ideal product depends on many factors. Plus, you have to know where to look.

That is where I come in. I’ve come up with my “Expert Buying Guide on YouTube Microphone” and my personal favorite 10 models that will cover your needs.

How to Choose - The Best Microphone for YouTube?

The following section denotes few factors that you should look into while getting one for you. These should help you if you’ve just started your journey as a YouTuber.

Different Types of YouTube Mics

  • Before researching on the internet on these microphones, you should know just how many kinds of microphones there are. You’ll find 5 types of microphones that people use to do their jobs. Each one has particular applications, perks, and problems. 
  • The first one is Lapel microphones that you can attach to your clothes throw a pin. You can move around in front of a camera wearing these things. You won’t have to worry about your distance from the camera. You can plug these into your PC, phone or even into another recording device. 
  • The second type is USB microphone. Just as the name implies, these microphones can be plugged into your PC or Mac device through a USB port. No installation required. Just plug, collaborate, and you are ready to record. These are the best kind as they sit well with any type of YouTube videos you make. Plus, the hustle is minimum. 
  • Recently, you have mics that have headphone jacks for external headphones. These are especially good for Gaming videos where you need to keep track of audio from PC as well. 
  • Shotgun Style Microphones are pretty good considering they can be used with DSLRs and other forms of outdoor cameras besides your PC. Yes, you can shoot videos outdoors and provide voiceovers at the same time. 
  • Last of the lot is a recording device. These are particularly handy. YouTubers can attach them to other mics or cameras and collaborate. A majority of these things are portable. People can access a heap of advanced functions like file compression, pitch adjustment, stop and start recording and so on.

What Type of Videos Do You Make?

It is important to ask yourselves this question early. It sets the tone of your voice and determines the quality of your video. Depending on your video type, you need to decide on microphone models.

For example, if you are running a channel alone, you should consider cardioid microphones. If you have two or more people frequently speaking on your channel, bi-directional or omnidirectional microphones will help.

They pick up sounds from surroundings. For people who record songs and instrumental covers, a microphone with the stereo facility is the ideal one.

Your Skill Level as a Podcaster/Reviewer/Performer

If you are a beginner, your audio quality will suffer. At first, people don’t know how to reduce the annoying rumblings and background noises. Your podcasts, gaming reviews, interviews and musical performances suffer.

 Anxious beginners, excited speakers often make the hissing noise that disrupts the overall quality of the video and disrupts the continuity. The smart way to reduce that is through buying a microphone with a condenser.

These things minimize the background noises and pick up your voice only. Also, buy a microphone with a windscreen to prevent spit from going into the mic. It reduces the hissing noise too.

Where Do You Record Your Videos?

Consider the fact of where do you record your videos. If it is a fixed place, you should set up a studio-like environment or should go for a desktop-friendly microphone. The need of travel vloggers is different.

It is best to buy a recording device that nullifies external sound and ensures portability. A USB microphone will do just nicely too. If you do regular interviews of other people or cover seminars, a lavalier mic is the best choice as people move around.

Price vs. Bells and Whistles

You must choose as to what you want from your device. Often people don’t have a clear idea about what is the optimum range of features they need for YouTube.

They end up spending too much on features they don’t need. Your recording place, skill level, video type and affordability should tell you what you need in your microphone. Plan your budget accordingly.

However, you only buy a YouTube Microphone once in a while. It is best to buy a quality product once. You won’t have to worry about replacing such a product in every six months. Few extra bucks won’t hurt in that case. Customer reviews of other people will give you a clear indication of what you need.

Which are the “Best Microphone for YouTube” Candidates?

It is hard to pick just one if you have so many quality products around. I did the next best thing. I compiled a list of Top 10 Microphones for YouTube. This list features some of the best products concerning features, size, portability, audio quality, and price. So, read on.

Recommended Best Microphone for YouTube

Blue Yeti Microphone

Editor Rating:

Blue Yeti microphone is perhaps the best microphone for YouTube according to many. This USB Microphone comes with “Plug and Play” facility for easy installation.

From there on, just calibrate the microphone you’re your OS, and you are good to go.

With Blue Yeti, you are in-charge of your recording through every step of the process. I’ve been using Blue Yeti for recording my podcasts, interviews, gaming reviews, tutorial videos and anything that is remotely related to YouTube for past two years. The condenser USB microphone allows you Cardioid, Bi-directional, omnidirectional and stereo modes of capturing sounds.

If you are into Vlogs, Cardioid is the best form to operate with. Omnidirectional pattern is handy while recording a live musical concert. If you are recording an ambient musical instrument, feel free to use the bi-directional sound that utilizes front and rear end of Blue Yeti.

Stereo mode is for general recording, and it cancels out sounds that are not necessary for the user. The recording is easy. Users can control the level of volume if the sound is too loud. Want to take an emergency break in between recording? Push the “Instant Mute” button.

If you feel the sound is too much to your liking, you can adjust it using the Microphone Gain adjustment. Check out your recordings with a headphone for quality using a 3.5mm jack.


  • Audio Quality is fantastic.
  • Durable Design.
  • Audio Testing works like a charm.
  • Good for any type of YouTube video.


  • USB Cable is problematic.
  • Customers have had issues with Customer Support.
  • It doesn’t feature the built in noise suppressor.
Samson Go Mic

Editor Rating:

Samson Go Mic gives you a “Budget Friendly” and “Portable” option as far as the Condenser Microphones for YouTube are concerned.

The double-digit price won’t stop you from enjoying quality recording time with “Plug and Play” feature.

You can use this microphone “On the Go” and with either PC or Mac. Nope, no drivers required! I liked the clip that Samson Go comes with. It gave me an option to clip it onto my laptop. I can occasionally put it on my desk as well.

People can switch the recording modes from Cardioid to the Omnidirectional pattern. The first one is good for noise cancellation and the second one is helpful when you need distant sounds. The use depends on which type of recording you want to do with this microphone.

Speaking of recording types/patterns, you can do field recordings, voiceovers, professional podcasts, jamming with your band and even voice calls on Skype or iChat. Samson Go YouTube Condenser Mic provides stereo quality audio recording at an affordable price.

You can carry it around inside a case that comes with the package. Headphones with 3.5mm jack output come along too. As a result, you can judge the sound quality recorded using the Samson Portable USB Microphone without any delay.


  • Small, compact and travel friendly design.
  • Easy to store away when not using.
  • Has a folding design.
  • Audio Testing works like a charm.
  • Good for any type of YouTube video.


  • Not professional-grade studio mic.
  • The pivot hinge of this mic wears down soon.

Audio Technica 2020 USB Plus Microphone

Editor Rating:

Audio Technica 2020 Plus is perfect for your home projects and solo recording. It offers audio quality on par with the Blue Yeti we discussed earlier.

The main reason for such clarity is the “Headphone Amplifier Device” that is built in within the microphone.

It captures each and every detail of the audio you record perfectly. There is a catch. It only works well with Cardioid Sound Recording Pattern.

While it works great for all your music recordings, Vlogs, game reviews, field recordings and home projects; you cannot record sounds of more than one person with this USB microphone. But hey! It has a way to blend in with any pre-recorded audio you have.

The Technica USB 2020 Plus allows you to continue your recording from there on. Another plus point is the sampling rate of 44.1/48 kHz with the A/D converter. Simply put, the mechanism offers you crystal clear sound whenever and wherever you need.

The design enhances this microphone’s performance. It has a headphone jack built in. You can monitor your recordings as you proceed. Also, there is a volume control switch that allows you to control the sound output.


  • Sensitive mic.
  • Sturdy mic, perfect for clumsy people.
  • You can work from 1-inch to 6-inch away from the microphone.
  • Good for any type of YouTube video.


  • It picks up even the slightest bits of sound.
  • Sensitivity works to its disadvantage sometimes
Blue Snowball USB Condenser Microphone

Editor Rating:

If you want a microphone for gaming commentary on YouTube, Blue Snowball USB Condenser Mic is more than handy for the job.

Much like Blue Yeti that I discussed earlier in this article, Blue Snowball offers crystal clear audio without dwindling.

The icing on the cake is its price. It is even cheaper than Yeti! Just like its predecessor on the list, you can operate it by just plugging it in. The mic comes along with a desktop tripod stand. You’ll have a USB cable too if you want to plug it into your laptop.

Although it is perfect for Gaming Commentary, I experimented with podcasts, voice calling, commentary on home movies, etc. and the result was more than satisfactory.

You can buy Blue Snowball Condenser Mic with a POP filter as well. Every now and then we come across that “Eager” and “Anxious” performer who can spit and ruin your microphone while speaking to it. This little attachment doesn’t let the spit get in the way of a clear audio.


  • Provides clear audio.
  • Attractive design.
  • Especially good for gaming videos.
  • Great Price for the Features.


  • Audio can suffer when you are not up close.
Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

Editor Rating:

Samson Meteor Mic is a powerful “Studio Quality” mic thanks to the diaphragm of 25mm. It is the largest that any USB condenser microphone can offer.

Besides this feature, Meteor features a “Back Leg Folding” design that looks great on a desktop.

You can buy this thing with a stand too. Meteor Mic has a mic stand adapter that can connect this thing to a boom or a stand. This 16bit mic provides clear audio when you need it the most. There is a 1/8-inch jack that monitors latency.

Speakers can check recording quality by listening instantly as they speak using the headphones. You can capture voiceovers, do Skype calls, voice recognition sounds and record acoustic guitar notes to perfection. Even podcasts or gaming commentaries sound impeccable.

Have an Apple device? Samson Meteor Mic connects with the iPad through Camera Connect Adapter that comes along. You can record your Vlogs as you travel from one place to another.


  • Handy for any type of video you want to make.
  • Sleek and attractive design.
  • The adjustment legs are very good.
  • Comes with controls you can easily handle.
  • Connects with smartphones and Apple devices.


  • The microphone is super sensitive.
  • It picks up everything.

Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder

Editor Rating:

What if I told you, a portable device can be one of the best microphones for YouTube? In fact, the Bestseller? Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder ticks both the boxes.

The Zoom H1 comes with track marker facility. You can mark the file you are currently working on.

Take a break. Go back and start from where you left off. There is a facility of “Auto Recording.” This is particularly handy for journalists.

The “Low Cut Filter” eliminates disturbing noises that pop up in recording every now and then. Zoom also features volume control buttons in the tiny footprint. 

Zoom H1 Portable Recorder captures detailed sound patterns in “Stereo” mode thanks to the X/Y stereo feature. I didn’t find “Phase Shifting” with this at all. Both mics inside the microphone are based on the same axis.

As a result, Zoom records most authentic sound quality possible. It has a USB 2.0 port that you can plug into any computer. Unlike most YouTube Microphones on my list, it records WAV files and in MP3 format using both 16-bit and 24-bit formats at 44.1 kHz and 96 kHz respectively.

The compact unit runs on an AA size battery. It comes with an expandable 32gb MicroSD slot with a 2gb card that you can store the recordings in.

There is even a “Headphone” slot that you can use to monitor your recordings. Believe it or not, all these things come in a small package and really cheap.


  • Records audio with clarity.
  • Perfect for the price.
  • Runs on battery and is portable.
  • You can use this as a handheld mic.
  • SD card is a great addition.
  • Controls are very easy to interpret and operate.


  • Comes with a plastic body.
  • Frequently needs batteries.
  • You can connect it with Mini USB ports.
  • Mini and Micro USB can be confusing for users.
Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrack Recorder

Editor Rating:

Want an even better one than my previous entry on the list? Get this one. This is a “Pro” level microphone plus recording device in moderate price.

Vloggers and YouTube professionals can buy it with a remote control too if they so choose.

The X/Y microphones in this device can pick up minute sounds and the loud ones alike. Unbelievably, the device has the capacity to pick up to 140 dB of sound clearly. Then there is the usual 24-bit 96kHz 4 channel recording facility that Zoom offers.

The elaborate display gives you a clear idea of what you are doing and how things are panning out. You have the connectors on board to make sure that the cables of your microphone don’t get tangled. They lock in the cables securely.

Also, the rubber body of the microphone allows you to attach it to a camera. It becomes portable and works as a brilliantly designed “Shotgun Mic” to pick up clear audio while you record visuals with the camera. The device feeds off two AA size batteries.

The Zoom H4N PRO features two in and out USB ports, a headphone port to monitor the recordings and an expandable memory card which you can upgrade up to 32gb. You get free licenses of Steinberg Cubase LE and WaveLab LE software.

You get the windscreen, attenuator, USB cable and an adapter along with this recorder + microphone housed inside a protective case.


  • Works well with condenser mics.
  • Provides top notch preamps.
  • Multi Track Recording is a nice thing to have.


  • Fails to deliver when used with dynamic mics.

Razer Seiren Pro Elite & XLR USB Microphone

Editor Rating:

Razer Seiren Pro Elite gives you the opportunity to record your YouTube videos and podcasts with “Studio Like” audio output.

With this, you can have the cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo quality audio output.

So, you can do your podcasts, videos, reviews, interviews and commentary on YouTube with great ease. To reduce the background noises while recording, Razer Seiren Pro Elite features 14mm condenser capsules. Yes, I said condensers because there are three of them.

Each one is custom tuned and supports different type of recording pattern. The Studio Quality Microphone opens up its potential with the XLR mode. This allows Razer Seiren Pro to connect with a mixing board.

Professional YouTubers can chain multiple microphones and create sound effects for different types of videos. You can cover catchy songs on the social media website thanks to the instrument customizations you can do with this feature.

Thanks to the USB connectivity, this is another portable mic that you can have. Of course, you can mount the equipment on your desktop as well thanks to an aluminum base. There is a 3.5mm Jack output that facilitates a headphone for latency monitoring.

But you can only use that once you connect the mic to the USB port. For uneven surfaces, it features a stabilizer too. This helps the mic in withstanding shocks. There is a POP filter that you can buy to eliminate hisses.


  • Comes with amazing features.
  • You can experiment with different settings.
  • High-Pass filter/Low Cut Filter wins the deal.


  • Microphone can be too big for your desk.
  • Comes with a fragile cord.
Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R

Editor Rating:

This entry on my list of top Youtube Microphones is what people call a “Shotgun Style Mic.”

YouTubers can mount this one on the camera and expect a professional quality sound recording experience.

It is a condenser microphone with a professional touch. However, it is not portable. You can either mount it on camera using the rear 3.5mm jack or a boom pole using the cable. You have the power controls and the volume level controls at the back.

One can easily access them and operate them with a single touch. The YouTube Microphone features a “Low Cut” filter that kicks in at 80Hz. This feature prevents the nearby air conditioner noises, traffic sounds and vehicle horns from recording and spoiling your podcasts or group interviews on YouTube.

The 9V alkaline battery allows you to record podcasts, videos, game reviews or songs for more than 70 hours. The product includes a windscreen to protect the surface of your microphone. Rycote Lyre keeps the electric part of the mic separate from the intricate parts.

Super-cardioid mode allows the users to minimize surrounding noises further and focus the mic to the people that are in front of the camera. Rode VMPR VideoMic Pro R comes with a handy 10-year warranty period.


  • You won’t hear echoes while recording in empty room.
  • Works with all sorts of cameras.
  • Doesn’t pick up camera’s rattling sound.


  • Recording volume is a bit of a downer.
  • Doesn’t have noise cancellation.
  • The microphone’s puny cable causes it to unplug amidst recording if you are not careful.
Apogee MiC 96k Professional Microphone

Editor Rating:

To round up my list, I thought of including a professional Mic that you can use for YouTube pairing with iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC. I found Apogee.

This is a cardioid microphone that provides studio quality performance. It is ideal for “Single Person YouTube Videos.”

You can do HD voiceovers for your videos, musical recordings and live commentaries from now on. This is due to the recording capacity of up to 96kHz.

It picks up even the smallest bits of sound. The condenser leaves out low rumblings when you want a clean audio. There is a Microphone Preamp that boosts its capacity.

The PureDIGITAL A/D converter provides your subscribers with great sound quality that they desire. The USB connectivity allows you record on the go and run checks on the audio quality with the headphone output.

The microphone can only be plugged into devices that I mentioned above. There are no buttons. All the functionalities show up on the device you plug it into. This grants it the portability you desire with no extra bag to carry around. The Apogee Mic fits right into your pocket.


  • Built for the song recordings and instrumental covers.
  • Perfect for the price.


  • High pitch tone might suffer.

Final Verdict

As I conclude this humongous guide on Best YouTube Microphones, I hope my advice proved helpful for YouTubers when it comes to buying the ideal equipment. As you can see, the “Best” microphone for YouTube depends on the type of videos you make.

The parameter is different for each person as the skill and art of speaking on camera are different for each YouTuber. Depending on that, a “Double Digit Mic” can do the job. But YouTubers know that the clarity of what they say matters. Ultimately, the subscribers follow you to listen to what you say and how.

High-end Mics help you to develop your distinct style and deliver the clarity in your approach that the Subscribers want from you. There is nothing greater for a YouTuber than a happy bunch of subscribers.

Ultimate YouTube Video Ranking Guideline

Ultimate YouTube Video Ranking Guideline

Besides Google, what’s the biggest search engine on the internet?

Most people would answer Bing or Yahoo. But if you think outside of the box a bit, there’s an obvious answer that almost everyone misses.

YouTube by the Numbers: Huge Markets, Huge Opportunity

Don’t believe me? Just look at the numbers. Way back in 2010, YouTube was already getting over 3.7 billion searches per day. There are 4 billion video views on YouTube every day, thanks to the site’s 1 billion unique daily visitors. Globally, 85% of adults (outside of China) consider themselves to be regular YouTube users. All of that adds up to an undeniable fact. YouTube is a huge market.

And for small business owners, online entrepreneurs, and others looking to spread their brand, YouTube also offers tremendous opportunity. In the U.S., only 9% of small businesses use YouTube. That compares to 53% of small businesses who had websites in 2014. By incorporating YouTube into your small business’s strategy, you have a chance to draw customers from the site’s giant user base. But you also have the opportunity to get leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to start optimizing YouTube videos to get views, promote your brand, and leave the competition in the dust. Study the content in this guide, and you can start capitalizing on the massive potential of YouTube right away. After all, it only takes a video. And these days, just about every cell phone and laptop has the tools you need to start producing videos for your business. Here’s my tips for optimizing your YouTube videos with YouTube specific SEO strategies.

“SEO” and YouTube

The term “SEO” gets thrown around so often, that many people don’t take the time to think about what “Search Engine Optimization” actually is on a fundamental level. For most forms of content, SEO is all about telling Google what your webpages are about, and finding ways to convince Google that your pages are relevant for different search terms. To reach these goals, you can do a whole lot to structure the internal content of your pages.

But on Youtube, there’s no way for YouTube search functions to determine the content within your videos.

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t SEO in the context of Youtube. SEO for Youtube just relies on different things than the internal contents of anything you produce. With Youtube, SEO goals are the same as they are for other search engines. You want your videos to get seen, and to be considered highly “relevant” for different search terms. But how you get there with Youtube is a lot different than Google or other search engines.

And it all relies on two things. Youtube SEO is based on Video Content and User Engagement.

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Part 1: Video Content and YoutubeSeo

Didn’t I just say that Youtube can’t determine the internal contents of your videos? That’s true, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to try to help Youtube learn what your videos are about. While Youtube won’t be able to “crawl” through the contents of your video like Google can for the content of a webpage, there is a whole lot you can do to optimize your videos to achieve better rankings where content is concerned.

Just like in SEO for Google rankings, you don’t need to get all of these things perfect to rank for a keyword with your Youtube videos. But the more of the following areas that you get right, the better your Youtube search rankings will be. Here’s six areas to focus on for Youtube SEO purposes.

1. Video Title

When you upload a video to Youtube, the first thing the site will ask you for is a video title. And this is the most important area of your video to fill out right from an SEO perspective. That’s partially because your title appears directly in all Youtube search results. Meaning a good title will lead to higher click through rates. And it’s partially because Youtube will use your title as one of the most important parts of your video upload where returning results for keywords are concerned.

Youtube Video Title

To demonstrate the power of a good title in determining ranking, search for any given keyword on Youtube. You will realize quickly that almost all of the top results returned have exact matches for your keyword in the title. Looking at a case study where the search term “become a guest blogger” was entered into Youtube, I found that almost every top result returned had an exact match in the video title. Titles are important in Google SEO rankings, but having an exact match keyword in your title is even more important in Youtube SEO.

However, don’t think that you can optimize your videos based entirely on exact match keywords in your video titles. Youtube is owned by Google, afterall. And the search engine giant prides itself on eliminating spammy content’s ability to rank. On Youtube, user engagement and interaction will make it hard for you to rank if your title isn’t relevant to your content. More about this later. For now know that your title should include exact match keywords, but also need to be relevant to your video content.

2. Video Description

In the video description section of your Youtube video upload, you will have a chance to tell potential viewers what your video is about. This will help improve your organic views, since your video descriptions will appear on Youtube and Google search results, and give users a chance to learn what your video is about. But beyond aiding real users, you can also use your video Description section to boost your Youtube SEO for specific keywords.

Youtube Video Description

Keywords that appear in your video description are indexed in search results, both through Youtube and Google. Exact match keywords in descriptions will be bolded as they are for other types of content on Google. For best SEO results, write a 300-500 word description of your video in the description area. And be sure to include relevant keywords that will help you reach a wider audience of relevant visitors.

On interesting way to reach a targeted audience by utilizing your video description section is to use Youtube to discover related longtail keywords. To do this, simply type your top keywords into Youtube’s search bar and look at their auto-complete options. Each auto complete phrase that Youtube recommends is a long tail keyword that Youtube’s engine considers relevant. Include these types of longtail keywords in your descriptions, and you boost your SEO potential for specific niches.

Youtube auto complete options

3. Video Tags

In the “Tag” section of your videos, you have the chance to include all the keywords that are relevant to your internal content. Youtube allows as many tags as you would like to include for each video, so don’t be stingy with tagging. But do be strategic. All of the tags for your video should be based around the keywords you want to rank for, and a dozen or so tags are ideal.

Youtube Tags

In Youtube search results, plurality matters for video tags. That means that a tag for “cat” and a tag for “cats” will have a different effect on video ranking, depending on user search queries. Keep that in mind when tagging, and choose the most commonly used keywords. In addition to straight up keyword optimization, include your brand info in video tags as well.

When deciding what to tag your videos with, start by looking at your competitors. You want to make sure that you are targeting keywords that you can rank for, but also using some of the same tags that have been successful for other businesses you want to compete with. Beyond looking into your competitor’s tags, use the Youtube auto-complete function again to identify long tail keywords, and tag your videos with relevant keywords from these extended longtail results.

For example, if the auto-complete function suggests that you complete the query “cat” with the phrase “cat running cute,” consider tagging your cat video with “cute” as well.

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4. Video Transcriptions

While the general public might not use this feature very often, Youtube actually transcribes every single video that you upload automatically. Youtube’s automatic transcription feature will provide your videos with closed captions for you even if you don’t do any work. But the bad news is that Youtube is pretty horrendous at guessing what most people are saying. However, you can turn Youtube’s transcription potential into a powerful SEO tool without too much work.

To do so, you will need to type out a word by word transcription of your video. Type it out in a text file, and you can then upload that file directly to Youtube. From there, Youtube will use your transcriptions for it’s closed captions, greatly improving the accuracy of your content’s transcriptions. Plus, you will get a boost in your Youtube SEO rankings by adding your own transcriptions. Youtube looks at your transcriptions to determine keywords and relevancy, just like it looks at your descriptions and titles.

Transcriptions count for a whole lot less than any of the above categories, but any small boost can help your SEO rankings. Plus, users who rely on closed captions can limit their Youtube search results to only return videos that have custom transcriptions uploaded, and you can land in those results just by uploading your own closed captions.

5. Channel Authority

Youtube users are organized by “channels,” with all of your videos being automatically integrated into your “channel.” And the better your channel authority, the better each of your individual videos will rank in search results. This area of your Youtube SEO isn’t as easy to directly affect as the areas above, but it is just as important and shouldn’t be ignored.

Youtube channel authority

Channel authority is based on two things. First, your authority is based on user engagement. Don’t worry, I’ll share everything you need to know about engagement soon, but for now you should realize that it’s only half of what determines your channel authority. And the other half is much more in your control.

In addition to user engagement, your channel authority will be based on how well you execute all of the other SEO principles noted above so far in this guide. Tagging all of your videos with relevant tags will boost your authority. So will adding thorough descriptions, relevant exact match video titles, and word for word transcriptions. Maintain your channel as a whole, by promoting it and making sure that every video you upload takes all of the SEO considerations in this guide into account, and each of your individual videos will rank higher as a result of your boosted channel authority.

Besides those Youtube SEO based steps, there are a few more straightforward things you can do to boost your channel authority. First, subscribe to other relevant channels. Think of this like backlinking, as Youtube will see your connections and count your channel as symbiotically relevant. Second, make sure to link all of your social networks to Youtube in the “about” section. Doing so will prove to Youtube that you are a real person, and help your channel’s authority rankings in the process.

6. Content Delivery

All of the above Youtube SEO practices are tips and tricks that don’t involve actual video production. But just like in Google SEO rankings, quality content is rewarded in Youtube rankings. I’ll explain more about why that’s the case in the engagement section of this guide, but take note: a poor quality video with no relevant information doesn’t have very much chance of ranking high.

One case study that helps illustrate why quality content matter so much looks at a video that ranked number one on Youtube for related business based keywords after just 3 months. The video of course had relevant tags, a smart and relevant title with exact matches, and all of the other things we have covered. But it was also high quality, and produced by a professional animation company.

As a result, the average time spent watching the video was more than a minute, not a bad mark to hit when the average time spent on any web page is just seconds. Youtube notes these kinds of factors, and ranks your videos higher as a result. Just like on Google, Youtube SEO starts and ends with a quality piece of content.

Part 2: User Engagement and Youtube SEO

All of the factors above, you can control directly. But Youtube SEO is based in a big part on user engagement, which you can’t control directly. That being said, there is a lot that you can do to influence engagement. Here are the six engagement factors that Youtube considers for video rankings, as well as how you can influence each.


This is a fairly straightforward metric, and on the surface is easy to understand. The more views your videos have, the higher they will rank for relevant keywords. But Youtube doesn’t just look at how many views your videos have, it also pays attention to how long each user watches. That’s part of the reason why quality is so important, and why good, engaging content wins out.

Youtube video view

To boost your views, make sure to promote your Youtube videos relentlessly. Every content delivery channel you have access to should be promoting your videos, from social media, to your independent website, to your blogs, to your email lists. Tell your friends and family and everyone you know to watch everyone of your videos. While promoting relentlessly, make sure to keep an eye on your video analytics to see how long each video gets viewed for, and solicit feedback from your friends and family for videos that aren’t viewed for long.

2. Inbound Links

Inbound links are just as important in Youtube SEO as they are in Google SEO. Every time someone else links to your video, Youtube notes it, and gives your video a ranking boost. In addition to inbound links to each of your videos though, inbound links to your channel are incredibly important. Inbound links to your channel boost you channel authority, which consequently boosts the SEO ranking of each of your individual videos.

Youtube video Inbound Links

For starters, you should link to each of your videos from everywhere that you can, as mentioned above. To land more inbound links, create high quality content that people find interesting and want to link to. Especially useful in the video production sphere is pleading to your audience’s emotions. It’s a lot easier to solicit emotion when you have an audio and visual component than in pure text based content. So make sure that your videos make users feel something, and they will be more likely to share them

3. Social Shares

Youtube takes note of social shares as a separate category from other inbound links, and lets you track your social shares in the video analytics section. To land more social shares, keep in mind the tips shared above for boosting inbound links in general. And be sure that you post every video on your own social network sites, and urge your followers to “share” each one of your videos.

youtube seo social share

You should note that Facebook does not promote Youtube videos to the same extent that they will promote videos uploaded directly to their platform. Therefore, don’t expect your links to your Youtube videos to do as well as your other posts on Facebook. Your reach will be constrained from the get go, which is the main reason why Facebook videos are now 10X more likely to get “viral reach” than Youtube videos. Don’t be discouraged, just make sure to urge your followers on Facebook to share your videos in order to boost their organic reach.

4. Embeds

Youtube videos can be embedded in other sites to grow your reach beyond Youtube’s own organic audience, and Youtube tracks each instance of embedding as a positive social signal. If you run your own site, embedding your videos is a good idea, as embeds are harder to land than most other engagements. In order to allow yourself the opportunity to land embeds, make sure that you “allow embedding” from your video’s settings. Not doing so will rob you of the chance of ever landing embeds from the start.

Embed Youtube Video

5. Comments and Responses

From a Youtube SEO perspective, as well as a community building and reach point of view, this is arguably the most important engagement signal there is. Every time someone comments on your videos, Youtube will note this interaction your authority and relevance will get a positive bump. You should be warned though that Youtube has a number of ways of noting which comments are spam and which are real, so don’t try to cheat your way to a higher Youtube SEO ranking.

youtube video comment

To land more comments on your videos, try to give them a slightly controversial or provocative spin. Youtube users in general are fairly likely to engage in conversation, but you can make it easier for them by posing questions and soliciting responses. Then, make sure that you reply to as many comments as you can to show your viewers you are present and accessible.

Video responses are a lot harder to land, since they take a lot more work for other users to generate. But they are also weighted very heavily by Youtube, so you should think of a way to encourage video responses whenever you can. Solicit them directly by urging your viewers to make their own video about your subject and post them as a reply. Craft contests that can only be won through video reply. Think of other ways to solicit replies that are unique to your niche.

6. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, and Favorites

thumbs up & thumbs down

Each of these social signals will help you rank higher in Youtube rankings, even the “thumbs down.” However, if you get more “thumbs down” than “thumbs up,” it won’t look good, and many other users will notice that your videos have been ill received. In order to get more thumbs up and favorites, remember that it’s all about content. When your content is relevant, well crafted, and well delivered, it will be appreciated by the community. When it’s not, don’t expect any of these user engagement factors to play out in your favor.

Youtube SEO: a Different World From Google

I hope that throughout this guide, I emphasized all of the ways that Youtube SEO is unique, and very different from Google’s.

Yes, a good understanding of basic SEO practices, like keywords and inbound links, will be invaluable in boosting your Youtube SEO rankings. But if you want to capitalize on everything that makes Youtube unique, you need to approach in SEO on the world’s second biggest search engine differently than you do on Google.

Revisit this guide to remind yourself exactly how the two differ.