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How To Grow Your Twitter Followers?

TwimBow started with a single mission in mind. We will tell you the answer of one of the most asked questions on the business world, should we buy Twitter followers?

We have developed a social analytics tool that will give you the exact twitter insight whether you should buy twitter followers, or work on getting more twitter retweets. Whatever required, we will help you right away. We have huge array of partnership with companies providing social media marketing services where you will get all the solutions.

In this technological age, information is most easily spread digitally, and brands and companies are getting into new ways of marketing.

Buy Twitter Followers

Why Twitter Marketing?

Twitter marketing has become a more prominent, even necessary, way of spreading the word about new products and small businesses and special deals. The character limit on Twitter forces the messages to be short and sweet, links can easily be included, and posts are easily spread. The popularity of the site means more people are available to see new posts.

Do Twitter Followers Matter?

Gaining active followers on Twitter is key to making the marketing process work. 58% of the top brands in the world have over 100,000 Twitter followers, and combined with their frequent activity (at an average of 10 tweets a day), they manage to do quite well. Having a large follower base is important in order to be successful in marketing on Twitter.

10 Reasons Why You Need More Followers:

1) Information can be seen by many. The more followers there are, the more likely it is that new posts and tweets will be seen and reacted to.

2) Information can be easily spread. The retweet function is extremely helpful when trying to get information out. If people retweet the posts to their Twitter, others may see it and do the same, and a single post could spread to more people in no time. (In order to ensure posts are retweeted and spread most effectively, it’s best to tweet between 10 and 11 pm EST).

3) More people to interact with. More interaction means more activity, more posts to be seen. By talking to other people on Twitter, the voice of the writer comes out, and friendly replies and nice, joking answers make a brand more appealing to others looking in. 58% of people who tweet a brand are answered within an hour, and those that answer more consistently are looked at more highly.

4) Followers offer feedback. More followers will be able to tell a brand if something on their Twitter or even separate site isn’t working and if a change is needed. Followers are wonderful, if sometimes harsh, critics.

5) Word of mouth. As well as retweeting, followers can spread the tweets and ideas by word of mouth, getting it out to people who don’t have Twitter or don’t follow that particular account.

6) Twitter verification. Becoming verified means that a brand is authentic, and is of high public interest. High interest sparks more interest from potential customers.

7) Judge how well-received an idea is. Retweets and replies to an idea, such as a deal, are a good way of knowing if it works, and this is easier to determine with more people reacting.

8) Be found more easily in search engines. More followers means more traffic, which is often what search engines look at when directing someone to a page.

9) Interaction with other brands. Twitter is the second most used network for business-to-business marketing, making connections with others easier. This interaction also could spark interest from the other brand’s followers.

10) Gain more followers. By having more followers, it actually makes it more likely that more will follow, which continues to help and promote a brand.

Where to Buy Twitter Followers?

If you are looking to buy twitter followers, Twimbow can help you. We have wide range of partners providing social media services who are the best in the industry. Please feel free to contact us, and we will analyse your social media needs, and connect you with our partner companies.

You can buy twitter followers directly from them, and be sure these are the kind of followers that will stay for years, hugely engaging with your brand, and convert them into your customer.