10 Best Condenser Microphones Under 200 Dollars For 2017

While you are recording songs, doing voiceovers or reviewing games or movies, you need the right microphones by your side. Otherwise, recording quality will suck. Microphones come in various shapes, sizes and qualities.

Condenser microphones and the dynamic ones are two of the most used mics around the world. The elites vote for the dynamic ones. While this Condenser vs.

Dynamic debate is intriguing, going for condenser microphones is the best thing to do with a small budget. With that said, this piece will focus on Top 10 Best Condenser Microphones Under 200 Dollars.

This elaborate article will also tell you what you can expect from such mics and how you can improve on their performances. So let us dive deep into the guide and find out which are the top dogs in this category of price and what you can expect from them performance-wise.

What is a Condenser Microphone?

Condenser Microphones or Capacitor Microphones as the British call it, is nothing new. For those of you who are hearing this term for the first time, these are the devices that are used for digital recording. Condenser mics have diaphragms that vibrate when sound hits them. These convert sounds into electrical signals.

Condensers are capsules that help these microphones to distinguish the main recording sound from background recordings. These are very sensitive to sound waves and deliver greater sound output than normal.

What Can You Expect from A Condenser Microphone at a Moderate Budget?

One benefit of having a condenser mic is that you can record sound with variable frequencies. These can pick up low sound vibrations as well as high pitched sounds. These are ideal for recording videos, Vlogs, and commentaries.

You won’t have to spend heaps of money to achieve quality with these things. A moderate budget can bring you a handy tool that gets your job done and adds dimensions to your performance.

Condenser mics can mask background noises. With little to no editing, you can have pristine and clear audio from any source. That is why these are perfect tools to record songs, instrumental covers and YouTube videos in just under 200 dollars.

Condenser Mics can come in different sizes and shapes. Unlike the dynamic counterparts, you can take one of these with you for a ride. These are great machines for travelers and those who require a portable device to record videos whenever and wherever necessary.

These require little to no software backup or setup hassle. So, you can expect the majority of condenser microphones to be “Plug and Play” devices. Just plug them into your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or even smartphones and start recording.

Although high performance and sensitivity can cause you to pick up background noises, the studio quality POP filter and high-pass filters in these things allow you to capture audio without distortions.

Which are the Best Condenser Microphones Under 200 Dollars?

Before I go into the next section, I want to clear the air by saying many of the recommendations below won’t give you “High-Class Flawless Performance.”

But the following accessories WILL GET THE JOB DONE. These are some top notch products which balance the price and performance ratio quite nicely. Let us look at the Top 10 Condenser Microphones Within 200 Dollars bellow.

1. Blue Yeti Microphone

Blue Yeti Microphone

While we are discussing condenser mics, Blue Yeti microphone deserves mention. It comes with “Try Capsule Array” or three condensers for people to use.

These capsules allow you to record audios with different environments of cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional and stereo.

You’ll be able to record audio as voiceovers, reviews, instrumental covers, commentary, etc. The design is a huge plus when it comes to Blue Yeti. It is a blend of the classic microphones and the modern functionalities.

The shiny grill and the frame combine with a hinge that can be set in any direction. You can even bend the microphone and place screws in different places. You can do your experiments with this condenser mic.

Thanks to the gain controls, the mute system, volume controlling mechanisms provide excellent options to customize your voice and pitch. Blue Yeti is the USB microphone. Meaning, you can plug it in your PC anytime and just proceed with the recording.


  • Comes with a fantastic design.
  • Delivers top-notch audio.
  • One can test audio quality when he/she is recording.


  • No built-in noise controls.
  • USB cable can pose challenges.
  • Customer care can be an issue sometimes.

2. AKG P420 High-Performance Dual-Capsule

AKG P420 High-Performance Dual-Capsule

When the budget is your first bind, you can always look to AKG P420 High-Performance Dual-Capsule Condenser Microphone that is just under 200 dollars but still provides top-notch features that anyone will enjoy. 

The design is very sturdy considering this microphone is under 200 dollars.

It comes with a shock absorber that is strong as well. The microphone can withstand shocks and sudden falls without any problems. The grabbing point for this microphone is that it has “Twin Diaphragms of 1-inch each”. 

Because, you have three different polar patterns of Cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-8. So, you can very well record your reviews, commentaries, interviews as well as instruments and musical sessions.

If people are working crowded places or places with distracting sound patterns, the “Switch Pad” of AKG Perception 420 discards low-frequency unwanted sounds to provide a clean audio.

The -20dB bass cut filter allows you to leave out wind noises when you are anxiously speaking in front of the mic. As far as the loud noises are concerned, the condenser microphone picks up sounds at the level of up to 155 dB clearly.


  • Specially good if you are recording instruments or vocal performances.
  • A mic with multiple functions.
  • Great microphone as far as the Price vs.
  • Performance ratings go.
  • One of the finest XLR mics under $200.


  • The manual with this microphone isn’t as detailed as one would like.

3. Audio Technica AT2035 XLR Condenser

Audio Technica AT2035 XLR Condenser

This condenser microphone in my list is exceptionally great when recording YouTube videos. You can do your professional, studio recordings and home projects as well.

The thing that interested me is the fact that Audio Technica AT2035 has a side address pattern.

This pattern enables us to speak from the side of the microphone. You won’t have to hover over the microphone to deliver your message. The unique thing about the AT2035 model is that it features 10dB pad switch and 80 Hz high-pass filter.

So, it can catch sounds from a distance. Also, it can eliminate annoying sounds from your recording. The condenser mic comes as a bundle with a shock mount. This allows AT2035 to be steady. The POP filter also tags along.

The POP filter prevents heavy breathing, awkward noises and disrupting sounds amidst the video.One can also use the mic with an XLR mixer. You have the 10ft. XLR cable to connect to the mixer. So, you can sync up with other microphones or create interesting sound effects. 


  • Audio quality is bright and smooth with this.
  • Shock mount does its job well.
  • Once combined with XLR mixer, the performance of this product is better than normal.


  • I expected this to be a bit better considering the price.

4. MXL 990 Condenser Microphone

MXL 990 Condenser Microphone

If you want a professional quality recording at a budget-friendly way, MXL 990 Mic is your way in. In my experience with this mic, I found it way better than my Smartphone’s microphone as well.

At such a low price, the makers provide you with a shock mount.

The gold suited ¾” diaphragm helps people get professional quality sound whenever they need. You can record voiceovers, reviews, and commentaries in digital or plain old analog-style recording.

This mic can identify the noises clearly even when the sound levels are as high as 130dB. MXL 990 Condenser Microphone features noise cancellation.

This allows you to record without any interruptions or annoying sounds in between. This microphone works well with a mixer and gives off amazing results when you collaborate this with other microphones or instruments to create a better effect.


  • The shock mount is professional-grade.
  • Comes with a classy design.
  • Condenser works great.


  • Picks up background noises; audio will need editing.
  • Beginner level microphone.Has a lot of self-noise.

5. MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

If the previous entry on my list got you excited, I’ve got another condenser mic under 200 dollars from the same manufacturer. 

TheMXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone features elegant design makes it a top choice.

The small 6-micron diaphragm doesn’t hamper performance as you can do a lot of things to recording music, instrumental covers to YouTube videos.

The shock mount works well and keeps the mic steady. Also, you have a sturdy case that can protect the microphone. That case makes MXL 770 portable, and you can set it up anywhere to start recording. This is a cardioid mic.

So, you will be able to record in just one pattern. Some might view this as a limitation.Cheap mics often don’t deliver when it comes to preamps. But MXL 770 comes with a great FET preamp that elevates the sound quality to professional grade. 

The sound output is very much top class and balanced. MXL 770 relies on 48 volts’ phantom power. You can buy Xenyx 302 or 502 to run this condenser mic.


  • Great microphone for the price.
  • Efficient with bass controls.
  • Great for musicians, instrumental covers and rappers.


  • Relies on phantom power.

6. CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording

CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording

CAD U37 USB Microphone has a large condenser. This product features cardioid pattern of sound.

It allows you to record without worrying about background noises. It captures the main sound source.

Connecting and operating it is easy. Just plug the USB into your PC or Mac and you are done. After a little calibration, you can use this microphone to great effect. Also, you have a 10-feet leash on the cable.

Place the microphone anywhere and in any way you like. Want to record from your room? You can. The bass reduction reduces the background noises of your TV, music player and others. The CAD U37 has a 10dB switch pad.

This plays a key role in eliminating distracting noises when you are recording in a crowded place. This condenser microphone is great for speech recording, voiceovers, game reviews and even musical concerts or instrumental covers.

The Cheap Condenser Mic has an extended frequency that allows it to record in such a manner. This product features a “Side Design.” The design allows you to comfortably speak from the side instead of hovering over the top.


  • You don’t need audio interface or even a power supply to run this thing.
  • The 10dB switch pad eliminates noises to provide clean audio.
  • Affordable microphone.


  • Only comes with the cardioid mode.

7. Blue Microphones Spark Condenser

Blue Microphones Spark Condenser

Blue Microphone is one of the best manufacturing brands of quality microphones for YouTube Videos and others.

The Spark Condenser Microphone is conveniently priced as well as rich in benefits.

This receiver features a premium condenser capsule that gives you high-efficiency performance with little to no background noise.  It is great for interviews, multiple voice commentaries and so on.

Then you have the “Focus Control” that focuses on specific sounds if you select so. This mode is ideal for traditional videos. The package of this microphone includes a “Custom Designed” shock mount. This protects your mic from vibrations and shocks.

Also, people can purchase a POP filter to prevent hissing noise from disturbing overall audio recording. If you are new to using condenser microphones for YouTube or any other means, Blue Spark comes with a detailed manual on how to use this mic. The entire package arrives in a wooden box.


  • Simple interface.
  • Minimalistic design.
  • Signature audio quality from Blue Microphones.


  • Not a lot of controls to work with.

8. Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

Operating Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone is a “Plug and Play” mic that works well with all types of commentary and review video recording.

One can do VOIP voice calls over Skype, Twitch, and FaceTime too. The cardioid capsule captures the sound perfectly as you speak.

Also, thanks to the condenser capsule, low-frequency sounds won’t make it into your video. You can speak from side to side with this little microphone of yours. It comes with a desktop stand.

This stand allows you to position your phone conveniently when recording videos. Also, you have the 6-foot cable with the package if you want to extend your reach and shoot from a different position within the room.

If you want, buying it with a POP filter is also an option. This POP filter comes with a windscreen. It prevents noises from heavy breathing. Awkward noises while you record your videos won’t make their ways into the video.


  • Audio quality will satisfy hardest of critics.
  • Great tool to have for audio commentary on YouTube videos.
  • Design makes it a great desktop device.
  • Windscreen and the microphone make a great combo.
  • Great price for such a capable device.


  • You need to speak from on top of the device to record efficiently.

9. Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone

Samsung Meteor establishes itself firmly when it comes to best audio recording microphones under 200.

This one features an innovative design and a lot of features that people will find handy while recording various audio narratives and commentaries.

At a price less than $200 you’ll have a cardioid mic that allows you to have a complete control panel as a “Mute” button and gain control. The Meteor comes with a 1/8-inch headphone jack. With the headphone, you can monitor the latency of the audio you record.

Samson Meteor is a mic with 25mm diaphragm condenser and smooth frequency response. Video bloggers, YouTubers will enjoy recording with 44.1/48kHz resolution. The clarity of your recordings will be emphatic.

Much of the recording quality of this mic can be attributed to the position of it. It has a “Folded Leg” style design. You can fold the back leg of this microphone when not in use. Also, you can position the legs in unique position to help you speak in an efficient manner.

Users can pair this mic up with any type of devices like PC, iPhone, iPad or even your everyday smartphones for that matter. You won’t need a software to make this receiver work its magic. Just plug this into a USB port, and you are ready to record.


  • Sleek design makes it a classy device.
  • Great all-rounder device; suitable for all types of video commentary.
  • Detailed controls for audio recording and quality checking.
  • You can even connect it with Mac, PC, Apple Devices and your smartphones.


  • Super sensitive microphone picks up everything.

10. Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun

Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun

At the very last, a shotgun mic makes its way onto my list. Rode VideoMic Pro is a compact solution if you need a condenser mic under 200 dollars for your recordings.

People can take it to outdoors pairing it with a DSLR to shoot videos and do a commentary on them.

The microphone is pretty small at only 6-inch length. But to the amazement of many, it delivers “Broadcast Quality” sound. While carrying it, you won’t feel a thing. It is only 85grams in weight. You can virtually carry it in your pockets.

Even so, it comes with an integrated shock mount. It prevents the sound receiver from jerking and spoiling the quality of your commentary. The product picks up sounds from up front. You have a "Flat" high-pass filter and one at 80Hz as well. These minimize the background sounds and focus on the sound that’s coming from the front.

You can control the audio output and provide it a “Three-level Boost.” This one wins me over with the battery life. I could operate outdoors for almost 3 days without feeding electric charge to a 9V battery. Impressive!


  • Ultra lightweight microphone.
  • Handy for long outdoor videos.
  • 9V battery charges up quickly.
  • Super-efficient when it comes to recording voices.


  • Rode is very sensitive towards camera knockings.

Final Verdict

The products above do a pretty good job when used with the right settings. Some of these things are good for closed quarters, and others are useful for outdoor recordings. Any kind of condenser mic can be ideal for you depending on your scenario and the things you use it for.

Another thing to denote here is that these Budget-friendly models provide you great opportunity to kick things off. Some of these mid-range microphones depend on a Single pattern. If you want something better, you’ll have to put some bucks into it.

Another way of getting around the problem of spending 500 – 700 dollars on a single sound receiver is to buy additional equipment like an XLR mixer and studio devices. When combined with some of the devices above, you’ll be amazed by the type of recording you can produce with minimum accessories at your disposal.

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