Best Soundbar Under 200 Dollars – 2017 Top Models Compared!

If you guys don’t know what a soundbar is, it is an add-on to your PC, TV, Smartphone or home theater that amplifies the default sound and makes it better.

With the constant shrinking of TVs, PCs, and Laptops, manufacturers are leaving bits and pieces of them behind. Sound quality takes the brunt of the loss.

Thankfully, a quality soundbar that can control sound and enhance it comes at a relatively low price. We don’t have to break a bank. Rather we can find the best soundbar Under 200 dollars.

This concise guide will help you find the ideal one for you and will also tell you what to expect and what not to count on when purchasing such a device.

What to Expect with a Best Soundbar Under 200 Dollars in Price?

Sound bars sit higher on the quality spectrum than traditional speakers. These things often come with various modification settings, equalizer presets and multilayer volume and bass controls.

Plus, you have the HDMI, Bluetooth, Coaxial, Analog and optical connectivity options. These are the things that differentiate a Sound Bar from a speaker. When we are limited by our budget, we tend to categorize these products into small price-slabs.

These slabs help us to identify few common traits of sound bars of a certain price range. So, there are some certain differences between a Soundbar of $300 and those of $200 or below. Firstly, the sound quality will be better than your traditional speaker.

But not “Groundbreaking.” You need to realize that you’ll have Bluetooth connectivity but the range won’t be so great. Also, few sound bars will have dual sound woofers, but again, the bass output will suffer somewhat.

A $200 Sound Bar might not have multichannel sound mode as the high-end ones have. There is a risk of your unit performing mediocrely once it is two or three year’s old.

Please realize that you are paying a price that will get the job done. These might not be the best but these are more than capable of providing you a good enough service for a few years. But you’ll have to cut down on perks as you are not paying for additional benefits that may tag along.

What Are the Best Sound Bars Under $200?

With these points in mind, let us focus on the next segment. This will tell you which products will provide you a bang for your buck at $200 or less. Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel 120 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

10 Best Soundbar Under 200 Dollars​

1. Samsung HW-J355 connects seamlessly

Samsung HW-J355 connects seamlessly

Editor Rating:

You can also pair it with your PC, Smartphone or any other “Bluetooth Enabled” device.

Just connect the Audio system, and you can play movies, music and recorded videos that are stored on those devices.

Need better sound quality? Try the wired subwoofer that delivers top quality bass and enhances your music, movies or gaming experience. It is a 2.1 system.

So, the woofer and the sound from the soundbar allows you to have a “Home Theater” like feel through a balanced sound. The system will reduce the annoying noises by itself.

You can control the soundbar manually. Or, just use the Samsung Wireless Remote App to control the whole system. This app grants you full control of the equalizer, the volume of your device and other options.

One can even tamper with the playlist of his/her favorite songs with this. You can play AAC, WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG and other formats using this device. It is still one of the best Samsung Soundbars in 2017 in my experience.


  • Delivers quality performance for the price.
  • Setting this up is easy as pie.
  • The remote app is useful in many ways.
  • One can use this with a number of devices.
  • Comes with a lot of preset sound modes.


  • The subwoofer isn’t wireless.
  • Bass is low compared to its counterparts.
  • You’ll not be able to use the remote app on iOS.

3. VIZIO S3821w-C0C 38-Inch 2.1 Sound Bar

VIZIO S3821w-C0C 38-Inch 2.1 Sound Bar

Editor Rating:

Don’t have any subwoofer built into your TV? No problem. Use this. VIZIO S3821w-COC integrates with your TV, PC, Home Theater System, and Smartphones with the help of Bluetooth.

The S3821w adds bass to your TV’s sound thanks to the subwoofer. 

All you need to do is to connect the subwoofer with any source of power. The device will then receive the signal from your TV or other devices wirelessly. The Vizio S3821w Soundbar runs on DTS technology and Surround Sound.

As a result, you will have an immersive experience while operating this device. The maximum noise level of this device is 100dB.

It fills up any standard or small-size room without any problems. And no, there won’t be any sound distortion whatsoever. This device comes with a remote control. I advise you to deactivate this remote if you want to use your TV’s remote instead.


  • The remote works well from any direction.
  • Control panel is easy to get around.
  • You can understand all the functions within minutes.
  • LED lights are informative and helpful in gauging the functions.


  • Fiber connector lacks proper locking system.
  • Reviewers reported issues with the remote.

3. Pyle WiFi Sound Bar Speakers

Pyle WiFi Sound Bar Speakers

Editor Rating:

Want a high powered Sound Bar at a decent price? Pyle WiFi Sound Bar is your answer. It doesn’t only act the part; it looks the part as well.

Laced with Bluetooth connectivity, this one connects with almost any device that has Bluetooth enabled.

Besides Bluetooth, Pyle has ports for jacks that let it connect to “Non-Bluetooth” systems. It receives signals through WiFi too. Thus, it plays music, movies and game sounds from your PC, Laptop, TV and other devices.

It reproduces sound. Meaning, the whole system receives WiFI signal and recreates full stereo-based sound effect in your room. Compact unit with 5 different speakers 1-inch dual tweeters, and a 5.25” mid-woofer allows you to generate a home theater-like sound effect in a medium-sized room.

Pyle is your next generation sound system with “Surround Sound”. It plays all the known file extensions without fail and is compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad and HDTV as well.


  • Control panel is easy to master.
  • Sets up quickly for operation.
  • It charges up using the USB port.
  • People can use this Sound bar to listen to FM radio.


  • You cannot make out what’s on the display from a distance.
  • People can’t adjust the display lights.
  • You can control the volume using either remote or the onboard control panel.

4. Sony HTXT1 2.1-Channel TV Base Speaker

Sony HTXT1 2.1-Channel TV Base Speaker

Editor Rating:

For passionate audiophiles seeking best soundbar under 200 dollars, Sony HTXT1 can be a good bargain.

It comes with as many as three HDMI ports that connect with different devices. Also, this device has Bluetooth connectivity.

People can play music, movies and games from other Bluetooth compatible devices and enjoy the sound. The “Metal Grill” design of Sony HTXT1 looks slim.

The soundbar can withstand upto 66 pounds of weight. With this, you can enjoy quality audio from 32” to 52” TV. The tempered glass surface of the device provides the perfect even surface for any TV that you may have.

The sound bar has a subwoofer built-in. It delivers immersive bass with intelligent sound distribution through independent bass, treble and subwoofer settings. Of course one can make adjustments through various platforms.

As many as seven preset settings allow you to enjoy music, movies, games, sports to fullest degree. The Sound Bar supports TrueHD, Dolby surround sound and DTS HD format. People can also choose to use the standard Stereo format. AAC and SBC codecs are supported too.

Sony provides the SongPal app that allows you to take control of the device from your Android phone, iPhone, iPad or any other Bluetooth enabled device. From there, you can play your favorite songs and movies as well.


  • Variety of power options to have.
  • The controls are elaborate and work great.
  • HD Audio provides wonderful surround sound.
  • The white display shows functions in detail.


  • Reviewers categorized sound boost as “Just High Enough” than TV.
  • The Sound Bar’s volume control doesn’t sync with that of the TV.
  • Few reviewers had problems connecting this with their TV.

5. Yamaha ATS-1050-R Factory Recertified

Yamaha ATS-1050-R Factory Recertified

Editor Rating:

As the heading suggests, Yamaha ATS-1050-R features two built-in Subwoofers and Bluetooth connectivity.

The design is what we call “Ultra-Thin”. It is just over two inches. People will be able to watch television without much of a fuss thanks to this design.

 You can even mount this device on your walls. Connecting this to TV is a breeze. Just plug in the small cable into your TV and you are done. The cable comes along the package. That is all the setup you need for this handy machine.

Yamaha ATS-1050-R uses Yamaha’s own Bass Extension Processing to enhance the audio quality of your movies, songs, sports telecasts, games or TV shows. Dual subwoofers also play a big part in that scheme.

You’ll be amazed with the “Home Theater Controller App” that comes with ATS-1050-R. This allows you to take the helm of this device through any Smartphone, iPhone or iPad, etc. You’ll have full access to volume controls, the bass extension system, the “Clear Voice” system and so on.

This smart soundbar has distinct modes for Movies, Sports, TV Shows, Music, and Games as well. The best thing is, it learns your TV’s remote functions. That means you can control this device using your TV remote control as well.


  • Compact design makes it my favorite.
  • Wall mountable design.
  • You can use this as an independent sound system too.
  • “Clear Voice” mode focuses on the sound quality to deliver better output.
  • The sound syncs well with TV and all other devices to deliver an uniformed output.


  • A standard remote control doesn’t provide access to all the controls.
  • Delivers a limited bass output.

6. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

Editor Rating:

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II qualifies to be a Soundbar under $200 just by a whisker. The “Mini” speaker is so small that fits the palm of anyone’s hand.

Yet it delivers tremendous sound and intense amount of bass when they are needed.

Pair this with any device through Bluetooth. It provides voice prompts whenever you are trying to pair something with it. This small device remembers 8 devices at a time. So, pairing this with any device for the second time is as easy as turning it on.

The SoundLink II sits well with any type of interior. The small footprint allows it to be portable. You can put it in your handbag and take off to wherever you like. To be extra safe, use the cover that comes along with it to protect it from dust and water spills. The cover looks stylish as well.

It relies on battery charge to function. You can use the charging cable at home to recharge this thing. While on the road, any USB power source (even a cigarette lighter) will do. When fully charged, this soundbar gives you 10 hours of uninterrupted service.


  • The Bluetooth range for this speaker is wider than most.
  • The 10-hour battery life is something to boast about.
  • Easy to operate with designated buttons for each function.
  • Design is durable and robust.Charging this thing is easy.


  • Reconnection to a device takes time with the Bluetooth feature.
  • There is no option for pausing or stopping the playback.Midbass is not “That” great.

7. Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel 300W

Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel 300W

Editor Rating:

Brace yourselves, here comes another product from Sony HT series on my list. The Sony HT-CT370 2.1 Channel 300W fits on a table top. Mount this device on your walls if you so choose.

The “Full Range” sound delivers impressive performance by enhancing the bass and the sound.

100W capacity of this bass machine develops low frequency bass that sounds great with movies, music and TV shows. At full power with reflex design and S-master amplifier, you’ll hear “Heart Pounding” bass that will surround your room with minimal effort.

This model features 4K pass-through system that allows you to listen to HD audio. Also, there are as many as three HDMI inputs for different devices. One particular TV HDMI input with ARC support ensures that you hear HD sound from your TV.

You can control this device from your smartphone, iPhone, iPad etc. using the SongPal app just like the previous model on my list. One catch is that there are numerous requirements for you to fulfill before you can use this device.


  • Installing this device is easy; takes a few minutes only.
  • It can switch through multiple devices if you plug more than one device into the “Input” jacks.
  • The optical or analog output can be used with any other device besides TV to connect with this soundbar.
  • The sound quality is better than you have with your TV speakers.


  • The TV sometimes forgets that you’ve plugged this device on when you pause it.
  • Sound quality is better but not “That” good.Sound woofer can fall short in terms of quality.

8. iLive Horizontal Bluetooth Sound Bar

iLive Horizontal Bluetooth Sound Bar

Editor Rating:

One good thing about iLive Horizontal Bluetooth Sound Bar is that it delivers quality performance while being a cheap sound bar plus speaker combo.

The standard 2.0 channel audio system picks up audio from your TV and gives it a boost. Connecting with TV will require a traditional AUX cable.

You can control this device with your TV remote too. It comes with Optical digital audio input for good performance and a clear LED display. This little thing supports Bluetooth V3.0 and you can connect a number of devices with this little thing.

You can connect iLive with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, android phones or even with blackberry to get a taste of the music, sports, movies, games and shows. Mount the device on your walls with the supplied wall mounting kit.

Performance of Bass is good. The sound is good for the price. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to connect the device using Bluetooth. However, the range of Bluetooth is only 33 feet only. It is a letdown compared to other devices.


  • Good performance for the price.
  • Ideal for general movies, TV Shows, games and music.
  • Suitable for home viewing of parents and students.
  • System is easy to get around and operate.


  • Bluetooth range is limited compared to its counterparts.
  • The sound can be a bit better than what it is.

8. BÖHM B2 60-Watt 40-Inch Sound Bar

BÖHM B2 60-Watt 40-Inch Sound Bar

Editor Rating:

Looking for a soundbar specifically for your TV? Try BÖHM B2Soundbar. This turns your TV into a home theater. Works best with flat screen TVs. The design is sleek. It doesn’t obstruct your view.

Operating this little thing is as easy as you can think. Just plug your TV in its input jack and you are good to go.

Alternatively, you can use Bluetooth function to connect this to your TV. Even coaxial and auxiliary connection methods are included to ensure you can connect this with your TV, iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices in one way or the other.

When it comes to “Sound Modes”, this one supports only three. Namely, music, movie and TV Show mode. You can host a loud party, a thrilling movie night or even watch your favorite shows with your family without disruptions in sound quality.

BÖHM B2 provides 60 watts of sound at a response rate of 20Hz to 20kHz. The device provides 95dB of sound to be exact. You can control the machine with a remote that comes along. Also,BÖHM B2Soundbar does all these things while being a slim machine. That’s incredible!


  • Comes with a nice sleek design.
  • Easy to set up machine.
  • Controlling this is easy.
  • All the necessary things are included in the package.


  • If you mount it on a wall, there is no room for an optical cable connection.
  • Digital display doesn’t indicate volume levels.
  • Has a limited range in terms of Bluetooth connectivity.

10. Yamaha YAS-106 Sound Bar

Yamaha YAS-106 Sound Bar

Editor Rating:

Yamaha YAS-106 is the last one on my list of sound bars below the range of 200 dollars today. With dual subwoofers, it delivers clear and rich sound that any audiophile will cherish.

These subwoofers are built-in. Thus, the design remains sleek despite the additions.

In addition to these two in-built subwoofers, you can hook in another one if you choose via the subwoofer input. Along with the standard features that Yamaha is known for, it also comes with 4:2:0 support. So, it supports 4K standard sounds.

The machine features a HDMI input and an output of the same type of cable. You can connect it easily with ARC compatible TVs using the HDMI output it comes with. Yamaha YAS-106 brings along its own remote. You can use your TVs remote to control the volume levels if it supports HDMI CEC.

You can also stream various programs, movies, games and even songs from your iPhones, Smartphones and other mobile devices. Plus, you’ll be able to control this device with android phones and apple devices using the Home Theater Control App that tags along.


  • Good product when you consider the price.
  • “Clear Voice” button boosts up the sound.
  • Low profile design is attractive.
  • Bass quality is good enough.


  • Doesn’t indicate the volume level.
  • Only good for medium size rooms.

​Final verdict

As I conclude my guide, I must say plenty of these products have an amazing set of features even at a low price. You must remember, finding soundbar under 200 dollars is possible given that so many companies are focusing on “Budget-Friendly” options nowadays.

These days, people want all the right things at a lesser price if possible. So, the manufacturers end up delivering quite a lot of features in “Trimmed” versions.

Meaning, you’ll find the features and the products you are looking for but in limitations. I’ll advise you to keep these limitations in mind and find the ideal product that suits your needs.

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