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That is where we, at Twimbo step in. Our Twitter Follower Service will promote your Twitter handle and provide you with thousands of real, targeted and interacting followers in quick time.

Twitter is one of the most influential social platforms of this modern age. A firm stance on this social media can skyrocket your brand’s popularity in no time. For that, you need followers who’d share the buzz about your brand. As a new brand, creating a strong Twitter presence with thousands of twitterati following your every move is hard! The Process is time-consuming. It takes way too long for anyone to develop a credible Twitter handle with decent followers.

Why is Twitter a Big Deal?

Twitter is has been the buzz of the internet world since its birth. It continues to be so. Whether you are an emerging business owner or an established internet marketing agency, you need a strong presence on Twitter to promote and globalize your brand. An active list of Twitter followers will play a big part in your business’ progress.

The “Targeted” followers from specific countries will retweet and post tweets about the latest happenings in your company regularly. With the “Engaging” followers, grasping the pulse of the people and latest trends will be easier than ever. As a result, Google will boost your social signals and rank simultaneously. Not to mention, you will earn a “Stamp of Authority” from your fans, followers and “Industry-leading Influencers” alike.

Another advantage of having a massive lineup of real twitter followers is that they constantly tweet, retweet and post media content about your updates. After a certain point, you will increase your tweeter handle growing in popularity autonomously. Your initiative/blog post/authority website will have a massive visitors’ bank that grows on its own. You can promote offers, services, products and much more with a Twitter handle with active Twitter followers.

It takes a lot of Work

Growing an effective presence on Twitter is not an easy task to handle. You have to start from scratch. If you are optimizing your “Twitter Handle” for niche websites or a large brand, the competition will be high. Many of the internet marketers will be your rivals, and established pages will give you a hard time. You will require three things to succeed at gaining active Twitter followers.


This is time-consuming. No twitter handle gains popularity overnight. You need to allow it time to flourish and continue to build on the contents.


You will need to tweet hourly/once every six hours/daily to keep your account active. Upload meaningful photos & videos to keep the interest of the public alive.

Targeted Promotions

Blunt promotions may result in poor response rate in your content and promotion materials. That is why you need to do industry-specific promotions

Socialvee has an Effective Way to Cover for the Tedious Job

As tedious as it is, Twimbo is here to make the task easier and less time consuming for entrepreneurs. With professional SMM department, we’ll work to make your Twitter promotions feel like a breeze. Our methods are tested, and we take pride in delivering quick results.

We’ll go about promoting your website normally through numerous methods and on numerous niches to increase the number of active Twitter followers for you. The best thing is, we charge very little for our services, and you’ll be seeing results in 24 – 48 hours time depending on your order type.

The best thing is, you’ll receive live reactions and retweets to every tweet that you put out. Our consultants will develop a pattern of Social Media Updates unique to your twitter handle and niche only. That is why you’ll have engaging followers reacting to every update, news and product sale you put on the table.

Why Will You Choose Twimbo Over the Others?

To be frank, hundreds of SMM Strategists are providing people with “Active Twitter Followers,” “Retweets” and “Twitter Favorites” services. Why would you chooseTwimbo over the others? What aspects make us so good at what we do? The answer follows:

The Cost

When you are reaching audiences with your Twitter handle, cost becomes a factor. Twimbo offers its services at a low price so people can easily avail them within their limited budget.

Promotion Methods

We are able to provide quality results and real twitter followers because of effective promotional methods. We have strategies ready to be implemented that suit your niche/company/franchise. Twimbo has a solution for every glitch you may face.

Targeted Audiences

By now, you know how important targeted audiences are for your branding and business. The “Twitter Follower Service” from Twimbo provides entrepreneurs and niche website owners involve “Real Followers” from Tier 1 countries. 

Few Questions that May Come to Mind and the Answers:

While judging these kinds of services, it is pretty normal to have few questions that tangle your mind. Let us try to go over them in this section.


How long will it take you to deliver an order?

It usually takes us 2 – 4 days to deliver quality results. We are quick to the response and working schedule. But sometimes, quotations from our clients pile up, and you might experience some delay. But we’ll notify you accordingly.

How can you achieve such “Quick” results?

Twimbo delivers quick results through the dedicated Social Media Specialists we have in our SMM team. Our team works extremely hard to promote your page naturally on various fan pages of ours. We have social media content strategist working round the clock to decide which content should go into your Twitter handle and how often. Interactive tweets keep the followers engaged, and you’ll be able to slip in your industry updates, blog posts with them regularly.

Are the twitter followers “Real”?

The biggest question that lurks within a client’s mind is, “Whether these followers are legit?” We understand the importance of your hard-earned money. That is why Twimbo provides “Real” followers to your twitter handles. Your follower count won’t simply “Drop” after a few weeks.With our SMM Services, our reputation is on the line. That is why, at Twimbo, we believe in quality work. Over 20 experienced Social Media professionals are devising strategies by the minute to turn your Twitter handle into a success and drive REAL active Twitter followers through engaging contents. We also utilize Twitter Business Ads on our part to attract real and targeted audiences for your page.

Are my Twitter Followers targeted?

Indeed they are. Unlike most SMM companies, we actually walk the talk. We implement Twitter Ads into promotions. These Twitter Ads are country specific. So, you get to have targeted likes. Moreover, these countries are “Tier – 1”. Meaning, we get you followers from United States, UK, Canada, Australia and countries which matter. You can run sales for your products, special offers, sign-up campaigns and a lot more through your Twitter handle and Active Twitter Followers.

Is there any risk of my Twitter handle getting blocked or suspended?

Let us be honest on this particular point. Most SMM companies or campaign managers would immediately ask for your account username and password before they commence with the campaign. Not us. We generally require the “Profile Link” of your Twitter handle and few tweet links to get started. We run ads from our own accounts and according to your niche.As far as content planning is concerned, our consultants will get in touch with you via Skype or any other media you prefer and provide you inputs.

You will have to take actions. So, through the whole process, you remain in control over your Twitter handle and no one else!Some of our Customers weighed in to say these nice words“Working with Twimbo was a pleasure. They are a set of professionals and know what they are doing. Absolutely impressed by the Twitter improvement graph over just a week. I hope we will continue working for few of my niche-based twitter handle as well.” - John Dolan“Very satisfied with what Twimbo offered! Quick response, on time delivery and targeted people from Canada.

Just what I was looking for” – Rob Duncan Reeds.Trust and Twimbo walk on the same line. We are in this business long enough to understand what our clientele need from us and what we can deliver. Try our Twitter Follower Service through Twimbo portal, and you will immediately feel the difference. On time delivery and maximum client satisfaction guaranteed.